Chilean Sea Bass - a FAVORITE
Our extensive menu includes Chilean Sea Bass with asparagus, a Cedar favorite.

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spaceThe Focus of our Food

use only fresh ingredients

We believe they make a difference. We also believe it’s not something you can fake. Your next meal either has them or it doesn't. At Cedar Lodge we’re committed to a variety of fresh ingredients day‐in, day‐out. From hand‐selected seasonal herbs to as many as eight daily offerings of fresh vegetables to choose from.

made from scratch cooking philosophy

As much as it’s about our ingredients being fresh, it ‘s equally as much about cooking a meal from scratch. For us, made from scratch means a true commitment to it. From bread to the breading, muffins to marinara, and soups to salad dressings, just to name a few We do it to make sure we deliver the experience you were looking for on those days you decide to join us.

be commited to high quality

Cedar Lodge works closely with all its suppliers so you get the highest quality ingredients possible. Seafood just can’t come from anywhere, meats can’t be sacrificed in their grade, and standards can’t be lowered to deliver consistently great food. We work hard on delivering high quality because it assures you of getting a high value for your hard earned money.

extensive menu to choose from

Unmatched local experience in the kitchen allows us to offer a wide variety of dishes and daily specials. Our nightly menu is packed with dozens of choices from which to choose and our Sunday breakfast is unsurpassed.


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